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What is SE?

The following Universities have Systems Engineering Courses:


Imperial College
The Systems Engineering Studios, a designated Centre of Excellence in systems requirements engineering. The studios provide state-of-the-art computing and audio-visual technology to support the delivery of advanced education & training in systems engineering. This includes training in associated communication, facilitation and group working skills.


Loughborough University
The Department of Systems Engineering comprises a fully integrated multi-disciplinary team drawn from a number of academic departments within and beyond the University boundaries.


Southampton University
The Declarative Systems & Software Engineering (DSSE) Group covers a wide range of activities, with the common theme of the software development process. Its objective is to conduct research which leads to improvements in the quality of software and to reduction in the cost of software development.


University of Essex
The Department of Electronic Systems Engineering provides the opportunity to study a broad range of degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Many of these are fully accredited by the IEE, a pre-requisite for becoming a Chartered Engineer.


University of Reading
The School was formed in 1998 following recognition of the significant opportunities available both in teaching and research from a greater degree of integration between the related disciplines of Computer Science, Cybernetics and Electronic Engineering. The central aim of the School is to achieve international quality and excellence in all its activities. Increasingly the leading edge of the subject involves interdisciplinary links between once disparate subjects and new innovative ways of combining established disciplines.



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